Landscape shots in a videos effect only with the right music. I am presenting the artists they added their music.
Reinhardt Buhr

Reinhardt Buhr makes live looping music as a street musician. With its kind of music creation and the variety of different Instruments and sounds it is an audible experience.

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Raziel Ambientmusic

Raziel Ambient Music is the musical project of Toni Arendmeier, the so erratic in consequence there since 1992, at that time still under the old name 'Creative Arts'. Raziel Ambient Music combines electronic sounds from the field New Age and Ambient with ethnic bonds and gets this every now and then a guest musician to do so.

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Michael Wilkes (Yog Sothoth)

Michael WIlkes a.k.a. Yog Sothoth is an artist living in cologne. For his electronic music he was decorated in Planetarium Bochum 2012 as "best newcomer 2011" by "Schallwelle Award". His music is available on 2 CDs from CUE Records.
Michael provided his songs for the videos "Hawaiian Sky" and "Sky above Australia". He can be fond under on the web. Recently he started to produce music together with André Willms under the name "Mystical Light".