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New Zealand
We were in New Zealand three weeks on the North and in the South Island on the way. We have changed between the island over the Cook Strait and total 3500 kilometers driven through a fascinating country. particularly impressive UFO clouds (altocumulus Lenticularis) we saw in the Mount Cook National Park. In winter we have fascinating lighting effects, the fabled Landscape enjoyed.
Kingdom of Tonga - Humpback whales and starry sky
The reason for our trip were the humpback whales. With whom we wanted to swim. But the night sky in the South Seas is also unique.
United States of America - Southwest -
Some of the most beautiful national parks of America from the nocturnal vision. Stunning Milky Way over the stunning landscapes of southwestern America.
Tenerife - Canarias -
Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, is a paradise for amateur astronomers. From the perspective of the night sky, I show many fascinating images in the Canadas del Teide and the mountain regions nearby. A highlight is the rising of the summer Milky Way over the neighboring island of Gran Canaria with the Lagoon Nebula M8.